IPG specializes in TV related EPG data. We use data from broadcasters nation wide, format for easy use and understanding, and add other data and meta tags to create an easy to use EPG on any platform, including smartphones
We are able to convey the intentions of the content holder and provide an up to date experience for users that meets their needs.



Japan's first and most popular EPG service. Partners with broadcasters nation wide to provide the most comprehensive coverage in Japan.

Currently there are over 46 million G-GUIDE TVs and recorders making G-GUIDE the standard in Japan.

G-GUIDE Mobile

The No. 1 EPG smart phone app in Japan, providing real time updates to broadcasters schedules in Japan, great features, rich images and content.

Currently, G-GUIDE Mobile has over 34 million downloads making it the largest EPG app in Japan.

Syndicated G-GUIDE

Japan's largest web based EPG service.

Starting in December, 2016, Syndicated G-GUIDE collaborates with partners such as YAHOO! Japan, Nintendo, So-Net and many others. Having over 17 million monthly visitors and over 170 million page views a month, Syndicated G-GUIDE is Japan's largest EPG web network.

Minds EPG Kit

Broadcaster Solution Service

A solution for broadcasters that uses G-GUIDE data to automatically render an EPG for use on websites.
Up to the minute automatic updates and easy visibility on smartphones contribute to an easy to operate EPG for websites. Low cost and easy implementation are only some of the reasons so many broadcasters use this solution.


Company Name IPG, Inc.
Head Office: Shiodome East Side Building 6F, Tsukiji 5-4-18, Chou-ku Tokyo 104-0045 Japan

Tel:+81 3 3544 2811 Fax: +81 3 3524 9810
Shizuoka Office:2-17-17 Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken 421-0122 Japan
Established April 22, 1999
Capitalization 100 Million JPY
Employees 67 (including part time) *October, 2019
Main Shareholders Dentsu, TiVo Corporation
President/CEO Jin Hoshino
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