The evolution of technology and content means constant change.

IPG was founded to use technological advances, to create an EPG which connects content and people. IPG is expanding TV EPG services beginning with TVs, DVD recorders, and incorporating personal computers, smart phones and other internet devices.

The evolution in consuming content with VOD, multi-use device, 4K8K, as well as new methods of enjoying content and sharing content means diversification continues.

IPG is taking the initiative in this new era to expand content experiences and convey the visions of content creators to viewers through a structure of mutual communication.

IPG President/CEO
Jin Hoshino
Jin Hoshino Profile
Started at Dentsu in 2004, focused on TV related areas. In 2014, began working on corporate strategy, which included studies and planning for executives, as well as working closely with startups seeking investment opportunities. Attended IMD Business School in Switzerland and entered IPG in May, 2017. Was appointed President/CEO of IPG in June, 2017.